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Glint Standard

The GLINT series offers the most robust lithium disilicate composite blocks available. The “Standard” block in this series contains a significant proportion of zirconium oxide and the right amount of crystalline phase, creating a perfect equilibrium between exceptional strength and natural aesthetics.

Crafting Aesthetic Mastery with Classic Block Veneers

Glint Aesthetic

GLINT-Aesthetic blocks adhere rigorously to stringent aesthetic criteria. Featuring a reduced crystal size and a precise composition of zirconium oxide, these blocks exhibit enhanced transparency without compromising on resilience and strength. The amalgamation of these elements within GLINT-Aesthetic ensures not only superior translucency but also robustness, delivering unparalleled aesthetic appeal coupled with exceptional durability.

Exceptionally translucent and Durable Aesthetic Blocks

Glint Crystal

The epitome of translucency within the GLINT series, these composite blocks redefine clarity. Nano-sized crystals meticulously interlock to form a structural masterpiece. Enriched with an elevated crystal content, these blocks achieve unparalleled crystal clarity while retaining a controlled level of haze, delivering an impressive, superior aesthetic impact without compromising strength.


Aeslink blocks impress with remarkable edge machinability, exceptional strength, and natural translucency. The consistent quality is truly commendable, ensuring outstanding performance in diverse clinical scenarios. AESLink is undoubtedly a top choice for high-quality dental restorations.
Adam Sendler
A seamless blend of strength and aesthetics is vital in cosmetic dentistry, and Aeslink restorations deliver natural translucency that mimics real teeth, making them virtually indistinguishable from the surrounding dentition. For anyone seeking superior cosmetic results, Aeslink is the answer.
Mila Kunis
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Mike Sendler